TURBO KIT M3 S54 E46 Base Parts

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TURBO SET KIT CUSTOM BMW THIS IS NOT A STANDARD UNIVERSAL TURBO KIT! ITS BASIC PARTS FOR TURBO S54. Parts carefully selected for reliability and quality with the lowest price. The set presented here is proven in many projects in the world. Our company specializes in topping up BMW engines. We can configure each set! Everything that is most important and universal, carefully selected. We have everything you need for this Turbo conversion engine. Here the basic set of the most important parts.

1. Intercooler 600x300x76 , cooltec highflow, 76mm in/out, 800HP+ FLOW

2. Fuel Pump 044 250/h 600+

3. 20 meters Titanium thermal tape for downpipe , exhaust system , manifolds !

4. powerflex " stainless steel exhaust flexible pipe ! 5. 60mm external WASTEGATE - very big and highquality VALVE - Ready for boost: 0,5-2bar !

6. Thermal tape for TURBOS

7. Turbo Powerspirit GTX3584 (84mm) + .80AR exhaust -> 800HP !

8. Dual CLUTCH 1000nm ! Fullset

9. VBANDS 2 x 3" 76mm stainless steel

10.6 x siemens deka 630cc INJECTORS (ORGINAL) 800HP FLOW !

11. Blow off

12. autogauge EGT sensor + gauge

13. autogauge BOOST sensor + gauge

14. autogauge Oil tmp sensor + gauge

15. HighFLOW CUSTOM Staliness Steel MANIFOLDS ! TOP !!!

16. Oil system -> turbo/engine

17. AirFilter 4"

18. MBC - manual boost control