STAGE1 M54 M52tu TURBO KIT E46 E39 E36

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This kit is filled with well-known OEM-quality brands, such as Bosch, NGK, LUK, Sachs...
To keep it simple and easy to follow, we've split the contents of the kit into different 
sections. If you want any parts of the kit separately - message us. 
We can supply each part individually.
Hundreds of these turbo kits are in use around the world. 
We stand by what we sell and this is the only kit on the market with engine reliability
 modifications strong enough for the power the kit quotes.
In the set you can choose a few options, such as a more powerful clutch or ecu. 
Please choose if the exhaust manifold is for RHD or LHD.
The stage1 kit can be upgraded to ver stage2 at a later time. Everything stays :)

STAGE 1 (soft boost)  

1. Intercooler 600x300x76 , cooltec highflow, 76mm in/out, 700HP+ FLOW

2. Fuel Pump 044 250/h for 500HP flow 

3. Exhaust exhaust system 3"

4. Big AIR FILTER 4" (102mm) 

5. AFR Stainless steel M18x1 boss/nut for wideband oxygen sensor

6. 20 meters Titanium thermal tape for downpipe , exhaust system , manifolds !

7. powerflex " stainless steel exhaust flexible pipe ! 

8. 60mm external WASTEGATE - very big and highquality VALVE - Ready for boost: 0,5-2bar !

9. Thermal tape for TURBOS 


 GT35.30 -> nice spool : 500HP FLOW

 Gt35.82 -> .82 600HP FLOW (recomendet for m54b30)

11. * OPTIONS: Dual CLUTCH 1000nm ! Fullset

12. VBANDS 2 x 3" 76mm stainless steel

13. T-Clamps stainlress steel 7x

14. Stainless steel FLANGE FOR Exhaust / Turbo (4bolt or 5bolt -> turbo options)

15. Turbo exhaust gaskets.

16. Turbo->engine Oil system

17. OPTIONS: *MBC (manual boost controller) (EBC*Options)

18. 6 x NGKsport spark plugs with properly adjusted spark gap 

19. 6 x bosch INJECTORS (ORGINAL) 800HP FLOW !

20. ECU OPTIONS: *ECU piggyback ECUMASTER DET3 + mapsensors 250kpa (1,5bar max) or *EMU CLASSIC PL

21. Blow off

22. EGT sensor + gauge

23. BOOST sensor + gauge

24. Oil tmp sensor + gauge

25. Full silikons options (RED , BLUE  , BLACK) for Intake system

26. 6 metters silikons vacum 4mm - for wastegate, blow off, mapsensors, boost gauge

27. HighFLOW CUSTOM STaliness STeel MANIFOLDS ! LHD or RHD (highflow!)

28. Oil system turbo flange

29. Oil system turbo return

30. Oil system turbo

31. Stainless steel material for intake / exhaust system

32. Stainless steel material for intake / exhaust system


33. FUll MAPs for ECU ! ready for boost.