Remaped ECU ME7.2 M62b44tu

Remaped ECU ME7.2 M62b44tu

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The ECU will have the EWS (immobiliser) removed so will work in any car and be plug and play. Ideal as a replacement or for a conversion without the need for having your keys re-coded which can be expensive.

We can tailor the remap to your needs or put a standard tune on the ecu for you.

Common requests are:

·        Raised Rev limiter (Recommended max 6800rpm)

·        After CAT O2 Sensor delete

·        Secondary Air Pump Delete (common for cars with conversions, failed air pumps and people who are decatting their car)

·        Remove Limp mode caused by an ABS fault

·        More responsive throttle

We also can tune the ECU for straight through exhausts, larger inlet manifolds (the M60B40 and M62B44 are the common conversion on these), larger throttle bodies and more.