Oil Pan KIT v8 M60/M62/S62 similar to ALPINA swap in BMW E36/E46/Z3 /MTUNE

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Steel oil pan for sale, made for the M60 / M62 / M62TU engine swap for cars E36, E46, Z3.
Laser cut and welded elements.
- cover for starter when we put engine from RHD car to LHD car
- cover for lower part of gearbox with hole     for pin used to lock crnankshaft in timining
- a set of bolts, washers and nuts,
- parts for easy engine subframe modification
- two bracket with adjustable engine displacement forward or backward.
- it is powder-painted kit as standard in black
Our support in swap process. 

The valve cover is located in front of the servo itself, you need to narrow the oil pump dragon.  In no way affecting its operation, the pressure remains at the factory, the pump also in the same place, I attach the instructions with photos, place for the dipstick, shows the correct oil level
All oil pressure valves stay in place!! Works with m54 steering pump pulley and 90 bars pump!!!