Logger.S ESP32 based development board/logger for BMW and other cars!

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Logger.S is data logging device with ability to stream data through Bluetooth/WiFi/CAN and simultanously saving log data to SD card. It also offers DTC error checking/ereasing, adaptations lookup and ability to reset those. Device is fully customizable to the needs of clients. Definition files for each car along with "auto log" features can be adjusted (for example to trigger logging when you put your foot down on gas pedal).

Typical usage of devices:

- Data logging,

- Error checking/resseting,

- Engine data live feed,

- Monitor and log up to 4 analog 0-5V inputs,

- Video overlays,

- Data over CAN retransmission to other systems,

- Bluetooth Android app interface (eg. ALDLdroid),

- As INPA/ISTA/Flasher/Galletto 1260 FTDI K+DCAN cable replacement (USB-C),

- ESP32 based development board for car application.

Currently all petrol L6 BMWs from 1995-2005 are supported along with M cars and 2000s V8 inlcuding:

- E36/E46 from 320i to 330i,

- E39 from 520i to 540i,

- E38 from 728i to 740i,

- E46 M3, E36 M3 and E39 M5,

- and many many others having M52, M52TU, M54, M62 or S engines! Device is capable of streaming data over CAN with custom IDs great for usage with RaceCapture, JB4, Podium, or AIM device and others! Live feed of the device allows you to see data at all times with 25-33x times faster refresh rate than standard OBDII and other logging solutions!

Kit includes:

- Logger.S with OBDII connector,

- 10 pin connector for Analog input,

- SD card for storing your log data,

- Free firmware upgrades in future!

- (Optional) 1m OBD II extension cable.

Watch the video of the device in action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi6KyHcfegE